How WNYC put their podcast on Facebook

Despite Facebook allowing users to post videos, photos and, in some cases, even Excel sheets, you are out of luck if you want to share a piece of audio, perhaps a podcast.

That is, unless you are WNYC.

NeimanLab reports the public radio station recently “experimented” by uploading a video with a still image and audio playing in the background.

The content — or “audiogram,” as WNYC calls it — was an episode of the “Here’s The Thing” podcast.

Jimmy Fallon | Full Episode

Hit the play button to hear our new episode right on Facebook!Get to know Jimmy Fallon, the comedian and host who will never make a joke at anyone else's expense.

Posted by Here's The Thing on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The audiogram, which features Alec Baldwin interviewing Jimmy Fallon, “had more than 12,000 plays a few hours after posting, though it isn’t clear whether users listened to the full 48 minutes,” per Neiman’s December 8 post.

Twelve thousand plays seems like a lot, but it appears Jimmy Fallon tweeting to his more than 32 million followers about the show may have contributed to the strong response. Still, this approach seems like an effective way for a news outlet to get its podcast to more of its audience.

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