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City News’ Shauna Hunt’s tweet reportedly gets someone “in connection with” FHRITP behavior fired

One reporter’s tweet recently lead to someone getting apparently fired.

A trend has emerged of various individuals — sometimes the source answering a reporter’s question, other times a passerby — interrupting live broadcasts by saying “F**k her right in the p***y.”

But things got serious when reporter Shauna Hunt took to task a group of onlookers who looked to be defending the prank.

Hunt later tweeted a video of the exchange.

And now, according to CBC, “Ontario’s largest electricity provider, Hydro One, issued a statement saying it has fired one of its employees in connection with the lewd disruption Sunday at a Toronto FC game.”

In a later interview, Hunt talked about the groundswell of support in response to her tweet.

“A lot of other men are speaking out and saying ‘I’m disgusted. On behalf of all men, I apologize for their behavior.’”

She talked more about it in another interview.